- 90% of visual information that reaches the eye is lost by the time it reaches the brain.

- Strong binocular rivalry occurs during the visual processing stage when dissimilar visuals are presented. People are not able to determine what they actually see.

- Imbalance of incorrect hypotheses leads to errors of perception and misbalance in design concept.

- The fundamental principle of Gestalt says that we prefer things that are simple, clear, and ordered. They take less time for us to process and more time to stick to our memory.

This is why understanding the psychology of memory is so important in creating harmonious and memorable spaces.

Zaru sees the whole space as a canvas with a distinctive composition. Her knowledge of matching artwork and design elements helps interior designers achieve the desired atmosphere and ensures the space will be perceived as a unified organism.

Zaru helps create a rhythm of eye movement that allows visitors to experience holistic design. She strives for a balance between simplicity and variety, and she arranges design elements to draw the eye along a comfortable pattern of movement.
Psychology of memory and ancient Eastern philosophies are key elements for creating a harmonious atmosphere, where spirituality meets design. Zaru helps designers choose artwork that will enhance their vision and deliver an unforgettable experience.

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